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  • The Near Future, An Emotional Change

    Posted by Randy / on 02/11/2012 / 2 Comments


      Has I've come to understand, everything in the near future will drastically change.  There will be no need for work anymore has jobs from every sector of work will be obsolete, many people will be out of work, and those that will be out of work will change within, emotionally. 

    The whole idea for this reading is to inform those that we need to do something about the many, possibly billions of people who will be out of work, who knew nothing else but having to work to survive, and they may never see a job again.  We're talking ..

  • Its a Choice Between Love and Fear.....

    Posted by Randy / on 11/19/2011 / 0 Comments


    Mass Awareness....... Get involved anyway you can. No need to wait for anyone, be the change you want to see in the world, assumingly I would believe its the change Zeitgeist and The Venus Project advocates, so don't be shy or afraid.  Remember it's a choice between love and fear. Do you love the idea of saving humanity from peak destruction by way of a Resource Based Economic Model, or do you fear the change that has to occur to save our human specie as a whole. You decide.

  • How to get involved.

    Posted by alicia / on 02/04/2011 / 2 Comments

    Getting involved with the Local Movement:

    Organize a meeting with your fellow members.

    Organize public awareness campaigns / material distribution.

    Formulating communication strategies.

    Sharing experiences with other members.

    Contributing new ideas to the Movement.

    Formation of groups to handle specific tasks.

    Collaborate with other local groups with the same goals, and interests.


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