The Near Future, An Emotional Change

Posted by Randy / on 02/11/2012 / 2 Comments


  Has I've come to understand, everything in the near future will drastically change.  There will be no need for work anymore has jobs from every sector of work will be obsolete, many people will be out of work, and those that will be out of work will change within, emotionally. 

The whole idea for this reading is to inform those that we need to do something about the many, possibly billions of people who will be out of work, who knew nothing else but having to work to survive, and they may never see a job again.  We're talking whole families, mother, father, children, and who knows possibly grandchildren and grandparents.  We will have people who will be unemployed who live to spend money and that is what makes them happy is to spend money and buy anything.  What kind of an emotional change will someone like that go through. 

Children will be treated badly because of rising stress levels in parents who cannot pay bills to keep on the lights or put food in the fridge.  Imagine not having gas to drive your sick child to the hospital and you cannot wait for the ambulance.  What if things got so bad that there were not enough ambulances to respond to all the dying people in the city.  Mass-emotional change is going to occur.  The question is how do we manage that emotional change from getting out of control?

                First, we definitely need to see the shift of values.  Just as Zeitgeist advocates we need to shift our values from self-interest to social-interest in all facets of our lives.  This means we must emotionally engage with those around us. We need to be open to helping those around us in a variety of ways.  We need to help others understand themselves by talking things out and helping them through their problems. 

Being part of the movement, I understand that we are all one specie.  That makes us like brother and sister, on every level of life.  Why shouldn't we bring out the best in everyone? Is there something wrong with that? NO! If we can learn to build strong foundational relationships with one another to help each other get through what we are all going through, (the emerging change in life with advancing technology) then what are we? Selfish?  NO! We are socially-interested, we are taking into account the lives of others and feeling a sense of concern or obligation for our fellow man and woman's well-being.  We understand that together we are something but separate we are alone. 

To make a difference in the way someone else see's the world is to actually engage with them on an emotional level.  Engaging with someone on an emotional level requires talking to them on a consistent basis, listening to them, helping them understand what they are going through (feelings, thoughts, the other side of things) and help them find a way to resolve what-ever it may be.  Like Peter said everyone has some sort of cognitive dissonance deep down inside, but they do not know what it is. 

Obviously those who are part of TZM or any other movement that advocates social-interest of all people in the world should understand that we need to make peace within ourselves first.  It took me time to do this for myself, as it should have because change is a process and a process takes time to fruition.  I believe I write this tonight because I see it as important that we get up off our butts and go from online to offline and into reality.  This must occur somehow for everyone and I hope this can jump-start others to engage those around you and help them see the light instead of the darkness of what may come in the near future.     


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  • Peter says:

    Indeed, we are all one.Thanks for your concern and energy for advocating the betterment of life.

    February 12, 2012 at 8:13 PM | Permalink

  • Anthony says:

    Good closing comment, inner peace is paramount if an individual wants to move forward with TZM.

    March 18, 2012 at 6:25 PM | Permalink


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